You can have silence now!

“but there is one among you whom you do not recognize.”  John 1:26 (b)

Silence is a funny thing. When you have it all to yourself you hear everything else. But in the noise of the day, the glimpses of silence mean even more. People talk about silence as if it is a precious metal, that God, He can only be heard in the silence. But silence sometimes comes in unexpected moments, non-meditative poses and breaths between breaths. Have you sat in the silence and tried to pray but couldn’t? Do you hear God in the blasts of loud music or the undulating sounds of the low murmuring t.v.? Silence of the soul is something we carry with us, a discipline, one we need to learn to harvest. The peace of the lord does not exist just in your prayer closet or in dark rooms, it exists on subways, highways and loud children. The challenge is finding Him in the words between the words.

Maybe some of you are in a loud season of your life, I know I am. You have small children, a demanding career or maybe you’re someone’s caretaker. You make time for God in the morning because best-selling books say that’s where to meet Him, but where else can you meet him? Our busyness is so delusional- we create our own chaos. We can breathe if we choose to, shut our doors if we choose to. We can live if we choose to. There is too much pressure to sit in the silence of the world. Even now in the midst of listening to worship music, my soul is calm and silent. 

Why do we stifle God from speaking to us in the way we understand? For some a short walk, others a call to a friend. I feel pressured to sit on my perfectly cropped porch with my steaming cup of coffee, bible and prayer journal and have some miraculous insight. I love Sarah Young’s masterpiece, Jesus Calling- Morning and Evening Devotionals, it is brilliant, but it is stressing me out. Sometimes I forget how unique I am, as we all are. Sometimes I try to be in a different season of life. My life right now is loud, screaming loud. I have to be there. I have to be able to hear him in the loud.

I want you to let yourself just be where you are- wherever that is. Sad, angry, wherever. Maybe screaming out to God on a balcony or while fishing. Maybe in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep, run to Him. Isn’t it freeing to know that God speaks to us where we are! Why oh why do we run somewhere else to meet Him?

He is among us, talking to us, from all places and all spaces. Bowing down or standing up. Right there in the center of our busyness. What if we stopped right there- yes right where you are and stayed to hear Him. It’s more than just the rhetoric of embracing the moment, it’s embracing our own, unique lives and situations.

I long in my mind to be in a monastery on a hill in France somewhere, but in my mind I am, especially when it gets loud. In the moments between the moments. Are you there yet?

Here’s something to get you started. Turn up the worship LOUD. Can you hear the silence in your soul?


One thought on “You can have silence now!

  1. Another song I really love – God be in my head – talks about how we need God within us to speak to Him. Praying for that on a daily basis. God be in my heart and in my understanding. Lovely post, Mary!

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