It’s New Year’s, Come Away with me…

“Come,” says my heart, “seek his face”;

your face Lord do I seek!” Psalm 27-8

*to commune with God in the temple. The idiom is derived from the practice of journeying to sacred places. Hos. 5:15, 2 Samuel 21:1, Psalm 24:6 (Note from the New American Bible, Revised edition).

I didn’t understand this at first. Sometimes simplicity is complicated for me. Like when Naaman was told to wash in the Jordan river to wash away his leprosy, the answer was just too simple. But God comes in the simple, the subtle, and his answers are not complicated.

I read it again. I realized my heart was His heart. It was Jesus calling, to me. So I reworded it in my head. No not so much reworded it as heard it differently. Like when you hear a song that speaks to you, if just the lyric were a little different, like it’s a note off, or maybe it’s not that song at all , but that song prompts another song which is just the right one.

“Come, ” says my heart (which is his heart), “seek his face”;

Now it’s an invitation, a calling a come to me. I can hear my heart, his heart. His heart is Him, in me. It’s calling. He’s calling.

Come my love, come seek my face, come journey, come with me

Can you see it? Can you see the verse now? Hand extended, Come. The call is from the inside. It’s in your heart, come, come my love. It’s the Jordan river flowing through you. Come, come with me.

And all of it is true. All of it is a song. It’s not fleeting. It’s forever rivers. It’s no more self-help. It’s no more just energy or positive vibes, it’s a constancy. It’s a knowing.

It’s a New Year. It’s o.k. to make a resolution. But why make one that doesn’t include eternity? Don’t you want to dance today?

Maybe you’re alone- not today. Maybe you’ve lost your way- not anymore. The God of the universe is inviting you dance. And no resolution starts without dancing, or writing or dreaming. And oh, He will dream with you. Now keep listening… Come away with me…



2 thoughts on “It’s New Year’s, Come Away with me…

    1. It wasn’t the original song I had planned. I went through several, then kept hearing ,”come away with me.” Like a sacred journey, the note on the verse. I’m not sure what it was about the song but I too felt led away gently, dancing. I am still there!!!

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