Wake up and Abandon your Life, Don’t you want to live?

“He does not call those that are worthy, but those whom He will.” The Story of a Soul, The autobiography of St.Therese of Lisieux

“True dependence is not simply asking Me to bless what you have decided to do. It is coming to Me with an open mind and heart, inviting me to plant my desires within you.” Jesus Calling, Morning and Evening, Sarah Young (January 5, Morning)

There is only one God, one Master of the universe, one Creator. His mighty hands leads us when our souls become open to His calling. When we are closed and angry and vengeful, our souls die. We need something more than us, more than self-help, more than a speculation, more than a dream. It is not enough to wake up with a mantra, we must wake up with His footprint on our souls.

You shouldn’t start the day without thinking there is a God. Without living Him and calling to Him and reaching out to something greater than yourself. You shouldn’t toss and turn and refuse to get up. You are only wrestling with God, and with the calmness that comes with relaxing your body and your mind. He will find you. Finding Him is about nothing more than emptying yourself, coming to the end of your toes and to the beginning of His kingdom. Yearning to be free is a reality not many realize, but you can, and you will if your heart becomes open and you run away from those that don’t have your best life in mind.

There is a vastness, an abundance, an adventure of complete abandonment, letting God in, letting God guide you. What fun is it to plan your life out? Everything will surely not turn out to your satisfaction or liking, in fact quite the opposite. But what if you ran away with the lover of your soul, Come with me, runaway with me.

And what if that feeling deep within your soul lit you on fire from the inside? What if it was this great adventure from within that you felt your spirit sing? Not on the backroads of a dark alley, or of your mind but in the very core of your being? What if you woke up singing the song you were meant to sing? What if you let it all go and traded it in for a new coat, a new life, a life of simple and pure abandonment to the God of the universe?

Run away with Him today. Get carried away by the freedom that lies in giving your heart away to Him. He’ll never break it. He’ll mend it and fix it in places that you didn’t even know were broken. He’ll be your lover. He’ll hear your cries late at night, and the ones you never even uttered. Isn’t there great adventure in that? Letting Him lead you and taking it all off. Even in the chains…


7 thoughts on “Wake up and Abandon your Life, Don’t you want to live?

  1. “Run away with Him today”… I love it. This brings a lot more romance into the equation than your typical “Submit to God’s will” approach. This also strikes me as what it means to have a personal relationship with God. It’s not just church; he goes home with you and knows everything.

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