A Jewish Saint led me to the Catholic church, find out more about her

A little bit more about the Saint that led me to my Catholic faith, and the one that continues to inspire me each and every day.


3 thoughts on “A Jewish Saint led me to the Catholic church, find out more about her

  1. I never heard of her before. Thank you so very much for introducing me to this incredible woman. M, I so value you as a sister in Christ – you have taught me so much. Bless you. I think I’m going to look for a St. Edith medal to wear as a reminder of where I came from and who saved me, too.

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    1. She’s incredible. Julie from introduced us. I know in my last blog I wrote several pieces about her but that was during the period before God called me to the Catholic church so my perspective was more an introspective and personal one than it was one of sharing her. Julie shared three books with me that changed my life forever (all of which I would highly recommend) . Less to do with Catholicism and more to do with Edith. My husband also got me an Edith medal and there is an amazing movie that was done on her life, The Seventh Chamber. She found truth through St. Teresa of Avila’s autobiography.
      Edith’s story is profound and I could not believe I had never heard of her, especially because she was a saint and her canonization very controversial. For me, she permeates everything and puts my Jewish faith into perspective. I think of her often and the trials she went through, especially the circumstances surrounding her death in Auschwitz. It’s amazing how close you can feel to someone you’ve never met, but as a Jewish sister you will no doubt see and feel an immediate connection to her. She is also a contemplative so I know for that reason you’ll love her even more.
      Blessings, you to have been a beacon of light for me, always encouraging me and allowing to be who I am in our Lord. Love to you this Sunday my beautiful sister-



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