Climbing the stairway to heaven

“For where your treasure is, there also is your heart.” The gospel according to Matthew 

(For those of you that are new to the blog, listen to the music while you read. The music is crucial to understanding the piece. You can read more about it on my About page).

The gospel is offensive; but it is penetrable and true. It challenges me daily to give myself away, let go of the things that have no meaning, and love people who otherwise would not deserve it. It is uncomfortable and writhing, and an unstoppable force. My cross becomes heavy at times, but I keep walking. Heaven no longer seems so far away…

We walk through life caring about things that have no meaning. Peddling perfumes and beauty, clothing labels and cars. We store up the things that have meaning to us in tangible spaces. We show off our “things” to other people, hoping to gain acceptance into some invisible realm of popularity. But if I told you that you could touch and taste heaven today, would all of those things really matter?

Heaven is present in the ghetto and in the church, in open fields and lavish parties, in the echo of a cave or the solace of your bedroom. We get small glimpses of heaven in small children, and smiles and kindness. The gospel of the Lord is intertwined in the stories of the weak, the broken, the lost and the forgotten. The outcast takes the center stage in heaven.

So as you rent another storage space, buy a bigger place, lavish money in places that only exist in your mind, there is no room for that in heaven. There is no space for your “things.” But your heart, it will still be beating in the heavenlies.

How we live our lives here in this time, in this space is our deposit in heaven. What are the things you love the most? Who do you love the most? Do you not love at all? Who are you loving?

The bank is not the only place to make deposits. We are spiritual beings, all of us, who make spiritual deposits in our lives every day. Some of us see the larger picture, others not so much. If your view is from the ground, climb higher. These deposits are for eternity. Sometimes we need to climb to the clouds to gain a greater perspective.

There is a stairway to heaven, and we’re all climbing it. How we climb it is the key to eternity. Today as you climb that stairway, climb to the clouds and look down below. You may see your bank account, your house, your car, your job. But you will also see so much more. The suffering of humans, the glory of nature, and sitting alone in that space, you may also see… yourself.

Keep listening and float on the song…



4 thoughts on “Climbing the stairway to heaven

  1. Your post is beautiful, but I must confess when I first saw it with the Led Zeppelin lead-in song Stairway to Heaven, I couldn’t help but chuckle—that was THE song to request to be played for our high school dances because it was an 11 minute lead-in, perfect to slow dance with that special crush 🙂

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