Devotions for Children

Tomorrow will be better than today



Sometimes, the world is so cruel. I want to protect you from any harm that could ever come your way. When you hurt, I hurt. 

I know I can’t protect you from every bad thing that comes your way, for the wrong people do, for the meanness you encounter from being different. But there is a God in heaven who knows all and sees all and my faith is stored up in Him. He will go before you and fight your battles, and with God, you will always win.

In the midst of your pain, feel God’s loving touch. Know that nobody can harm who you are inside. Know also that the people who hurt us are also the ones who are hurting themselves. In your sadness you should know that we must extend mercy and forgiveness, especially to those who don’t deserve it.

There are few children that I’ve met whose heart is as tender and loving as yours. Don’t ever let your spirit be broken by someone else’s sin. Know that mommy and daddy will be by your side supporting you always, and with Jesus you will always have victory.

So close your eyes and dream of rainbows. God is there, holding your hand. Know that tomorrow will be a better day than today, And know that you have a Father in heaven whose love for you is endless. 


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow will be better than today

    1. How kind, thank you! He’s a special boy, and despite the world’s cruelties I have to believe he sees God in all of it. Rough day for us here but there is victory in Jesus always.

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