Prayer of the outcast


As I draw closer to Him, the world is simply… fading away

There is no time, no moment, no hour that can be wasted

on the foolish things of this world

There are people dying


I cannot and will not be preoccupied with the outstretched hand of temptation

I have too much to do

A family and a house to keep

A boss to serve

And people who need God

As we connect one to another, I am part of grace upon grace

Experiencing the vastness of His love, and sharing it with others

I don’t want what you have, I want what He has, for me

Because if I don’t take it, I can’t give it, back to… YOU

I hear Him everywhere . The world is becoming background noise. But you. You and I are HERE.

You matter to me, because you first mattered to Him. You can be anyone. But you are not just anyone. You are someone. To me, and to Him.

I could bask all day in the light of His face, He is there, ever-present. I see Him amongst all of you. Even in the darkness…

So if you are searching, come home. It’s time. We need you. I need you. He needs you. And loves you.

This is your shining moment, don’t let it pass by. Time, He will make it stand still for you, even in this very moment.



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