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Welcome home

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This morning, I had the great pleasure of reading this post from Beejai: Help Wanted. It really sparked in me an idea that was prompted by the Holy Spirit that I want to share with all of you. It started with this scripture:

 “This is not good!” Moses’ father-in-law exclaimed. “You’re going to wear yourself out—and the people, too. This job is too heavy a burden for you to handle all by yourself.” Exodus 18:17 (NLT)

And as I read Beejai’s post I heard God whisper,“You can’t do this all by yourself.” He was talking about my blog. I thought Beejai’s post was headed in a different direction until I realized God was talking to me through Beejai’s words. He said, “You can’t do this alone.” He repeated the scripture to me. He started talking to me through the words of Moses’s father in law reminding me that I cannot do anything by myself. That I must exist in community. And then this.

He showed me a picture of all of our blogs. All interconnected like highways. We all have messages that are read and often times intersect. We tend to exist only on our own blogs, in our own space. Sometimes that gets exhausting. I have found that writing for Church Set Free has opened up those selfish doors for me, writing in community rather than alone. Talking and having meaningful conversation. Sharing  the great gift of writing. Sharing the load.

And writing and talking and loving in collaboration has opened a space, has widened God’s love, has connected me to many others across the globe who share the very same love. We are now not just individuals writing, we are collaborators. We share space . We make room for others.

And this all got me thinking at the Holy Spirit’s prompting. And softly He said, “Invite others to your space. You cannot do this alone.”

So I am inviting you to write here. This is God’s space. Maybe you have something I need to hear, we need to hear. Maybe you don’t have a blog but God has given you a word. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a faith-based writer, but have something to say. Whatever it is, I invite you to my space. We must share the work of the kingdom. No longer can we operate as individuals! We must become connected through one another, this job is too heavy for one person alone!

So please email me at, or leave a link in the comment section about what you feel moved to share. Share my space, my home. And I invite you to pray about doing the same in your virtual house. Come on in!!! All are welcome!


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