There are NO solutions…REALLY???

I just love this piece and something I have been struggling with as well, the substitution of phones and apps for relationship.

Culture Monk


~ I was sitting at coffee with a couple acquaintances the other day and one of them was practically in tears,

“I just feel so overwhelmed. It seems like I’m never able to get ahead” he said

Sadly, I have heard this same thing said by a torrent of people throughout my travels. Feeling “overwhelmed” sucks. The problems in the Western World are immense, and my little blog has been a three year experience in trying to identify the common threads that weave through Western Society and make up the various phenomena which you and I both see; people being stressed out, depressed, lonely, or feeling overwhelmed are among the most common themes that people discuss.

Many of my articles have been written to discuss what the cause of those feelings are; working too much, spending too much time alone, not enough face-to-face connectivity with friends and family, etc. The…

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