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Secondary Loss and Steak Sauce

For those that have lost someone dear to you, how beautifully moving. Comments disabled here, please comment on the original post.

Daphne Bach Greer

We were on a boat and I could see the shore in the distance. A few old friends, some of Lydia’s old friends and me. No clue what we were doing there but it was nice to see everyone. Suddenly, the boat began taking on water and would soon succumb to the power of the ocean, but not before we reached the safety of land. Panic was setting in as my life flashed before my eyes and I scrambled to grab everything of Lydia’s that would fit in my tightly clenched arms. Her artwork, her purses that contained her lipstick and Kleenex, her hairbrush, stuffed animals and took them onto shore with me.

Afraid of what I might lose, which would be everything all over again? Just the thought of that brings sheer terror to my already fragile mind.

I grasped the box of her clothes, and everything else within…

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