Some things

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Church Set Free

“Some things are best left unsaid.”

I read that phrase tonight – written by someone I respect. I have seen it before, I have said it myself.  And what I think I always meant by it was this (or something very close): “There is a lot I could say, because you only have seen/heard one side of the story so far. But I will be mature about this – I will rise above the hurt and the bitterness – I am big enough – unlike …

As I read that phrase tonight written by another, it crossed my mind that this phrase is best left unsaid (and unwritten). Because it fools no one – the “unsaid” is being said.

I hear and see lots of things that fall into that category – bitterness oozes out just as love does.  A lot of stuff oozes out.  Stuff we think doesn’t.   That…

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