Are you trying to be happy? Well, you shouldn’t

The goal of life is not to be happy. I know how badly you want to believe that, but sadly it is not true. I am sure you, like me, have searched the world over to find that thing, that person that will make you perennially happy. Many are still on that journey towards happiness as an ultimate goal. Even as Christians we get caught up in the mix, drifting back and forth between the world’s bombarding message of a life that must be destined for happiness. You may be there yourself. Trying to sustain yourself and believing some fake gospel message that God wants you to be happy all the time, and that the goal for your life is to be happy. You may even be reading these words a bit confused. Don’t be. Let me be clear. The ultimate goal in life is not to have a sustained happiness. The ultimate goal in life, the only way to satisfaction is through knowing God. Everything else flows from there…

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself for quite sometime why you’re so unhappy. You have looked in so many places. You exercise, you read, you have a great family, or you don’t. The circumstances are no matter. Circumstances, things, events are all fleeting. They are transient in nature. Even our dependence on happiness from others, including our spouses. They are human. They will never be able to give us sustained happiness. 

But alas, we must live in the world. It is hard to not take in the world’s messages, even those that are completely generic. But as generic as they may be, they have a lasting impact, even when you don’t notice it or recognize it. Our social media culture consistently promotes it. There are millions of books sold every year on new ways to attain happiness.

In the midst of Lent, these thoughts have been running through my mind, as sometimes, every now and then I get caught up in the worldview of life’s purpose. But finding my way back to the road, God’s hand is gentle and kind, not harsh or swift. He sends people who remind me of this message, believers and non-believers alike.

A good agnostic friend of mine  and I speak every morning about these sorts of issues- life’s meaning, purpose, satisfaction. And Monday morning was no different. I told him that I couldn’t seem to find my “happy” and some days it just wasn’t worth the fight. He said something to me that changed my life, and I believe will change yours too.

“You know why I am excited to wake up every morning? He said with an excited fervor about him.

“No, why?”

“To see what happens next.”

That profoundly changed me. It changed my course and my direction. It got me back to the narrow road. It made me excited for what God had for me, and reminded me that my purpose was not to be happy, but to be satisfied in God alone.

And it should remind you too. 


16 thoughts on “Are you trying to be happy? Well, you shouldn’t

  1. How wonderful! To see what happens next. To see what God places before us. To discover where the Holy Spirit will lead us. What peace and joy that brings. And that is what Jesus promised to give us. Not a surface peace and joy based on circumstance, but a core-deep, comfort and joy; a blessed, body-sigh peace knowing He lives inside us.

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  2. Melissa, what ur agnostic friend told you is exactly the same reason I’m excited to wake up every morning. The only difference is I believe it is God using me to help work out His purposes. Every day I can’t wait to see the different people or circumstances that I can see Him work in and then to stop and consider that He has allowed me to be a part of it. So good!!!!

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  3. I find that I can simply be happy by doing God’s will and serving my King. Even if it means “denying myself” and “taking up my cross” which are things that the world certainly doesn’t associate with happiness.

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  4. Very cool, and very true. I think way too often we drink the Koolaid that secular culture is selling, that happiness comes from sex, money, or “entertainment.” Happiness from God seems like a dry, kindergarten version of reality that seems too simple to be true… and yet it is the Truth!

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