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An altar of Earth Make for me

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“In every place where I cause my name to be invoked I will come to you and bless you.” Exodus 20:24

There is an altar in each one of our homes. A sacred space, a sacred place where God’s name reigns. It may be in a physical form, statutes of His Sacred Heart enthroned or within the very depths of our hearts, a place that only He knows about.

People want practical advice about how to reach God. They are all searching, moving towards an altar of truth. But they need to see the visible in order to know the invisible. A reminder that something exists far beyond this…

The altar of earth can be your flowerbed, your shady tree, or a stack of books of the saints lined up in not so neat an order. But He needs a place, a space to dwell, not only in your home, but in your heart…

We are cluttered creatures, placing His picture, His face, somewhere in the background. But if we go outside and feel the dirt, feel the earth that he created, we will know that we in turn were created to serve and love God and to offer all creation back to him (Catechism 358).

Yesterday I dug out the earth, planted the flowers, watered, sweat, got on my knees. I made a place to remember Him, set it apart, offered my heart and a rosary for my children. I could see him in the purples, in His mother’s face, but especially in the dirt slipping between my fingers. It’s His ground, blackness, rocks and roots. He is present in that, just as He is present in the church altar. For some who are afraid of that building, let them build an altar to Him in the backyard, first feeling the earth between their fingers and remembering Him. 

How do you find God? Buy fertilizer, clear out your closet, open your bible, listen to the chanting of the monks. Whatever it is, make it higher on your list than anything else. Close all the other spaces and places and be there at the foot of it, Christ as the head. It is through His name that we trample our adversaries… (Psalm 44:6)

The garden in your mind is calling. Don’t put it off. Go there and pray, simple prayers. God I love you, God I need you, God you’re worth it, God get me through. Your will be done. 

Can you see the altar of the earth now? Hands folded in, sun shining, eyes in the open. Simple words, sincere heart. Dirt running through your fingers. See you are there, you got there, through words that are dirt less 


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