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Flesh torn to pieces in the field you shall not eat

Wolf, European, Attention, Wildlife PhotographySometimes we think scraps are ok. Scraps of worship, of reading, of anything we can get our hands on. Our center is our work or our ministry or our family, but it is not God. Not that we think that, or know that, or now maybe we do…

We all live mostly compartmentalized, at least here in the states. Do this and do that and we are fragmented. Sunday mass is another “do this, ” a check box, and on to the next thing. Even for those of us that are in the moment, we simply move on to the next moment.

There is no time for reflection. There is paperwork and diapers and coffee dates, maybe some wine. I will sing and love you God but I have a birthday party at 2 so make it quick. And oh yeah, I’ll see you at bible study on Tuesday night.

We appear before him empty-handed. There is nothing to give. Why? Because the center is not the center at all, sometimes the crucifix veers to the right or to the left.

Forget your people and your father’s house, He beckons (Psalm 45:11) , and come to mine…

We don’t bring our first fruits to him, we bring the ones we wouldn’t eat anyway. It is uncomfortable to put Him first, because He just doesn’t fit into the schedule.

If we have to pen in Jesus, we have a problem…

Those of us with the best of intentions do this. We have not figured out how to infuse Him into the very corners of our lives. We are struggling, head above water, with no spiritual directors. Where have all the cowboys gone?

Let’s get Him out of boxes. Let’s make Him one movement. Let’s center the crucifix in our homes and our places of work. Stay center and don’t move until He tells you too.

You shall be a sacred people to me. Flesh torn to pieces in the field you shall not eat, you must throw it to the dogs. (Exodus 22:30)

Don’t eat what the world eats, fast food and that which has been sullied.

Set Him apart…


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