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The altar of my words

Church, Altar, Mass, Religion, Christian, HolyOne word from God and we are forever changed. It could be an I love you or I am here or be still. But His voice in the silence changes everything, changes us. Silence at times needs to be forced, we are not good at it. And I am not talking about the meditative kind of silence. I am talking about the silence on the inside when our lives are screaming on the outside. I am talking about the silence that is only found in Jesus.

Moses wrote down the word of the Lord as he received it, I try to do the same thing. They are not my words and never belonged to me, just like my writing doesn’t belong to me but the one who sent me. Sometimes the words are difficult, but that is no matter to me. I’ve abandoned myself to His will. My will is nothingness, it can’t exist. That is torturous, a needed refinement of perspective. Feels like being gutted, but I need to be gutted, for His glory. I need His words to flow through me, to make sure that mine do not. 

I rise early in the morning to hear him when the earth is quiet. It is a needed solitude. Not forced, but natural. It’s a dinner date at 5 am.

He utters his voice and the earth melts (Psalm 46:7). 

Sometimes I take this time for granted. Sometimes I take this gift for granted. But I’m cognizant of that, and working on that. I am spending time humbling myself at His feet…

I don’t want to be given to wine when I need oil to light my lamp. The wise bring flasks of oil. We build an altar to him with the lives we lead. Did we clothe Him, did we feed Him? If the answer is no, there is more time needed at the foot of the altar.

I build an altar with my words. Small steps to heaven. It’s His gift, I give it back. I hope others find hope in that. I hope people who don’t know Him can see Him in words they’ve never seen before. His presence is hovering over me. I am never alone.

With the same mouth we bless and curse God. We are foul at times. But realizing our dependence on Him makes our refinement less painful. He asks something different from all of us, we are unique, and no two alike. He asks us to look inside ourselves and bring to Him what He asks of us individually.

From each you shall receive the contribution that their hearts prompt them to give me (Exodus 25:2)

If you can stay quiet, if you can read words, then the words in the bible will become steps to the altar. You will enter and want to give what He asks of you. Reaching the top may be painful, but not as painful as the world is. This pain is pure. It is changing us, making us into who he created us to be. Each step is a progression to be celebrated. We walk farther away from the world’s messages and towards His great light. We win small battles that ultimately give us victory in the larger war. And then there will be no question. We can fall at his feet and give to Him as He asks of each of us.

“Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day or the hour, ” (The gospel according to Matthew)

What will you give Him today?


9 thoughts on “The altar of my words

  1. I will give Him all glory and honor and praise, for He is the author of all truth. Through Him alone we are healed, taught and saved. My words can never suffice for what He has done for me.

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