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God’s instructions

Mary, Virgin, Religion, Madonna, Pray, StatueA mountain is a holy place, the center of worship. It is a peak, has a depth, allows you to look up and down, broadens your view. Mountains appear as pinnacles for spiritual highs throughout the bible. There is revelation there, God is there, the joy of all the earth (Psalm 48:3).

Mountains are centerpieces. They set the stage. They are foundational in understanding God and His methods. There is structure in the mountain, grooves, foot-holdings. There is a way up, and down. 

But the mountain is not just God’s holy temple, it is ours. The mountain is our home.

We ponder, O God, your mercy within your temple. (Psalm 48:10).

If we permeate that mountain, see it allegorically, understand its place and meaning in our lives, we can understand how our Christ centered homes should run. The house the holy of holies, the place where God dwells.

Here are God’s instructions:

“You shall set up the tabernacle according to its plan, which you were shown on the mountain.” (Exodus 26:30)

There is order there. Rule. Directness. Mary, the tabernacle. She carried the Christ child. 

As much as I have run from her is as much as God has made her the center of my home. For it is through her that Jesus came. It is to her that Jesus appeared. Christ was on the inside of her home. She was the home for Christ.

There are small matters we must be faithful in. From that smallness comes the fullness of responsibilities (The gospel according to Matthew). Jesus trusts us with His mother as a model for our lives, for our homes. He wants her welcomed. He gave her to us on the mountain at Calvary.

And placing her dead center makes everything align. We come to her, we come through her to understand more of Him. She aligns the unaligned in our lives. There is a gentle push, a tap on the shoulder, a shooing, now Go on, go on towards my son, you’re almost there.

I can’t explain it except to say the peace in my house is in alignment. The mountain has become my home. Her face rests in every corner- my bedside, the downstairs, the garden where she dwells. Her presence is thick. I can hear her when I am drowning, Go on, go back to my son.

If you are feeling out of sorts, unaligned, not quite right. If your home is more of a mudslide than a mountain, give her a thought, bring her in. Your house needs the help of the heartbeat of the Theotokos. The only one to know Jesus on the inside.


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