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Lady Gaga, God and why you need to listen

It’s late, I know, but there are things worth talking about. Like my slight (o.k. full on) obsession with listening to the Jennifer Fulwiler show. My hours at work have changed which has forced me to listen to her talk radio program on demand, which means bite size tidbits, ten minutes at a time, and sometimes hiding in my car after work in the farthest parking space to finish the segment I’ve been listening to. She is culture in the context of a Catholic worldview, which is a welcome change to so many of the stuffy radio shows I used to listen to. If she sold pet rocks on her show I’d buy them, she’s that good. And if you don’t have a subscription to Sirius XM radio, she is worth every penny. She is the only reason I have my subscription.

It’s taken me nearly two days and I am still not done listening to her show from yesterday. But I had to stop and share with you an amazing exchange she shared on the air. (If you have a subscription to Sirius XM, you can check out the segment from yesterday on the Sirius XM app). It referenced a picture that Lady Gaga shared of herself on her instagram account. Since Jennifer is on the radio (yes we’re on a first name basis, no I am not getting paid to endorse her or Sirius XM), she so intricately must describe things for her listeners. And what she described was a picture of Lady Gaga with a priest and some of the text that followed. Here is what she described:

This of course as Jen described caused a hullabaloo across the Catholic world, a claim to fame and the most exciting news since Pope Francis came to America. In an effort to get in on the action, catholic- link posted this article, inspired by Lady Gaga’s post, which discussed celebrities sharing their faith. But in an interesting twist of events, Lady Gaga responded to the blogpost.

And this is why I love Jen Fulwiler. Because she talks about pop culture with her Christian glasses on, finding things we as everyday human beings can relate to and understand. Notice how I did not say Catholics or Christians but instead human beings. The show is aimed at how Jesus may view things, why we are completely imperfect and how we can find inspiration in the worldliest of headlines. In the midst of her near poetic description of the Lady Gaga exchange, I also remembered some of her words from the same episode about using our creative talents for God- write because God gifted us to write and not comparing ourselves to everyone else. Or as she made mention today, checking her Instagram account to find everyone praying a family rosary while the 4 year old played masterful violin in the background. This inspired me to stop thinking about whether my writing may be well received or not or whether Lady Gaga may even read it. She inspired me to just be me. 

I felt moved to share with you the response elicited by Lady Gaga in response to the article on Catholic Link. When Jen read it I almost cried. Who am I to think that people do not read what I write? Who am I to think that people may not be effected by my words? Not in a self-centered and prideful way but in a Jesus check myself am I judging kinda way. Here is the breathless response from Lady Gaga:

We don’t know who is watching us, or reading us. We put things out there thinking maybe there is an echo. But in a simple blog post, Lady Gaga herself responded to indeed what she perceived a shot at her, a judgment. And it should make us spiritually sober.

I’ve had to read her response numerous times. It is moving in the most pure of ways. You can tell that this came from a very interior place, a place that only Christ could have been. And it shook me. It made me responsible for my words. It made me take a second look at why and how I write, and it gave me a lens to look through, another perspective, shoes that I would have never imagined I could try and stand in.

I don’t listen to Lady Gaga’s music, nor do I watch the news or tv for that matter. I am not on facebook, twitter or instagram. I do not understand today’s pop culture or the self absorbed nature of it, but I appreciated the social media platform today as Lady Gaga expressed that she was a sinner. It all somehow became real.

I think those words from her are important, and needed for those of us that write about our faith. I often times find that we hurt others more than help them. She clearly was affected by the piece. It makes her human and not just a face and a name through a screen. And that should be a reminder to all of us of our responsibility to the human race as followers of Christ. I wish I could have said it better myself, but I can’t.

“God is never a trend no matter who the believer”- Lady Gaga


4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga, God and why you need to listen

  1. I am glad you stayed up late to write this blog…and I am glad I was up late to read it. Your words warm the heart and inspire each of us to look at others through the eyes of Christ…just as we hope & pray other’s see Christ as they return their gaze upon us. We cannot expect others to see Him in what we say & do if we are not first seeing Him in them. We are all His children and He calls us each by name…sinners though we are. We should never pretend that when we (or others) “fall from grace” we do not pierce His heart…but it is not our place to judge only to NOT participate in harming Him more. They Holy Spirit is always there to guide us in what is the most loving response when we witness another’s potential offense to God. Silence? Prayer? Shared Knowledge? Redirection? Support? Or walking away to allow God to fulfill the plan He has in store for them. (Extend your peace, if it is not returned to you depart from that place, dust the sand from your feet and your peace shall be restored.) St. Paul’s conversion happened at the hand of Christ…we should never interfere with His plan but merely be open to the Holy Spirit & through prayerful discernment we will now if/when/how He is using us to do His will for the sake of others. Of course, Always in love….
    Hugs to you for sharing your rest with us, so that we may be inspired to work together for His greater glory!

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    1. What a wonderful commentary and so insightful. The way you said it was just perfect. I was completely moved by Lady Gaga and also humbled. I was also moved by what Jen Fulwiler had to say about owning our gifts to God. Thank you so much for contributing, I needed to hear these words and I imagine others do too. Love to you-

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