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On the way into work, I had a thought that sparked some creativity in me, inspired me. It was a unique thought that I knew didn’t come from me, so I am sharing it with all of you. This is what I heard,

“Take all of the things that have been said to you. The harsh, the hurtful, the humane and make poetry. Make it beautiful. Tell others to do the same.”

I have been on an outside -the- box creative kick since of course listening to yet another show of Jennifer Fulwiler’s about creativity and its role in the spiritual life (More to come on that). 

Read mine, than try your hand at yours 🙂


You are responsible 

What about the children

He climbed the bathroom stall

What’s wrong with you?


We have them there for a reason

An addict has to want the help

Stop worrying so much

What are drugs?


An angel goes before you

This I know: God is on my side

But Mary Magdalene and the other Mary remained sitting there,

facing the tomb


I haven’t known them in fifteen years

Mama please pray with me

I peed in my pants a little

I’m overworked and underpaid

He had a good day


Men don’t like to talk

What if the cross was something beautiful?

You’re not going to jail

I’ll see you Monday


Your turn 🙂 If you participate, just pingback so we can all enjoy!


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