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My lovely and precious pocket rosary

I began praying the 54 day Novena devotion yesterday. I started it in praise to God, as I found I had not been giving Him enough praise in my life. And I am not talking about the “thank you God” type of praise. I am talking about the praise due to the creator of the universe, the one who is ever-present and watches over me, every second of every day.

For those of you who like to meditate and have a desire to build a spiritual convent within your soul, the rosary is to me the foundation for that desire. The repetition of prayer, focus on the life of our Lord and the commitment to praying it for our own intentions or for those of another place God at the center. The rosary focuses us by giving us the gift of the words in our mouths when so many times we just can’t form the words to pray. I have found that even in times that I cannot imagine sitting down for twenty minutes or so and reciting the rosary, its spiritual high outweighs any argument for not doing so. It’s graces are present when I sleep and evident in the days to come. It is much like my relationship with running. Although I appreciate running and all of its benefits, I many times don’t so much enjoy the run as the feeling I have afterward- the sweat, the panting breath and the lasting effects it has on my body well until the next day.

I find Mary as a tour guide there, ever-present, leading me around the spiritual bases, helping me breathe and focus. I am allowed to let my mind wander, and the Lord walks with me there. The time is dedicated to someone or something that needs the attention of our Lord, and Mary is quick to jump in and carry these prayers to her beloved son. She is a beautiful queen whose call to motherhood made her our model for simplicity, obedience and vocation.

I realized during my rosary today how important Mary really is. That she is not God, but a vessel for Him. That when I find myself in times of confusion about who I am and what my calling is, to come to her. Because she is human and understands. It’s not that I don’t want to ask Jesus, it’s her gentle touch that soothes me. Seeing in every picture how she never left our Lord. From the time He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in her womb to the time He was crucified, Mary’s devotion was to Jesus. And though she once lost him, she soon found him again, as many of us do, sometimes daily.

There are a lot of prayers in the world. A lot of ways to talk with God. There is nothing wrong with any of them. But for those of us who struggle in prayer, whose pain may be great, whose words escape us, who need and want a commitment to praying for ourselves or someone else, there is no treasure as great as the rosary.

If you have never prayed the rosary and are interested, I’d be happy to purchase one for you and help you to pray it! What a great joy and blessing it is! Email me at


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