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Lie in Wait

Alcatraz, Alcatraz Prison, California Prison, Jail CellThere are many articles and writings on waiting for the Lord. Being still. Not moving until He moves. These writings are telling; do this, do that, but do not explore this idea of waiting, this turmoil, this inner hardship. Well meaning friends give us advice on waiting for the Lord, but the advice seems like sayings on dish towels with happy sunshines and dancing flowers. There is nothing flowery or sunshine in waiting for the Lord, until you get to the lessons you must learn within it. 

The advice, the articles, the blog posts should not tell us simply to wait. Stop regurgitating verses we already know and pointing to the 65 of them that say that. Yes I know they say that, thank you. I get that. But my heart does not get that. My mind cannot get that. I need you to tell me not to move from my sacred space with God. I need you to offer me support so I don’t move. I need you to reinforce to me that God will answer, and that I made a commitment to Him, to never want anything else but what He wants for me. To never settle.


remain in readiness for some purpose

Remain in readiness. This is not a passive waiting, this is an active waiting, a prayerful, contemplative waiting, a novena waiting, a listening waiting. It presupposes that something else is coming.  It presupposes our destiny is secure. In the state of waiting we KNOW something will happen, or else why would be waiting at all, what would we be waiting for? 

Although we may feel as though we are in custody, a prison with no bars, a holding cell, God is holding us there for good reason. Before we entered that holding cell, we prayed for the Lord’s answer. Our prayers during this time of being in God’s custody should be to strengthen, help in the wait, trusting that an answer will come… not rote or repetitive for the sake of believing God is deaf to the petition to which he has us in this holding pattern in the first place.

If you are in the wait, you know God has heard you, or else, why would you be there at all? Waiting is a place, different than where you were before, halfway in between. So be in that place, be in that space, occupy it.

and he was kept in custody till a decision from the Lord should settle the case for them. The Lord then said to Moses…

Leviticus 24:12-13



6 thoughts on “Lie in Wait

  1. Melissa, I know words can’t express, so I can’t say anything either. Your waiting is the answer. God always has your best interests at heart, He won’t desert you – don’t desert Him. Hang on!

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  2. By the way, I’m not seeing all of your posts in my reader. I’m also not seeing my posts in my reader. I’ve been told the problem is being worked on. Some kind of bug. So I wait!

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