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Bear, Toy, Bear Cub, Bear Plush, Teddy Bear, PlushThe universe is too big and too vast to think about. It is too deep and wide and we are small, minute beings on a large grid. We ponder the scheme of the earth, purpose, meaning and 52 self-help books that tell us we can have anything we want if we train our minds to believe that. This notion presupposes we are to have big things and big lives by the world’s standards. That dreams of becoming race car drivers and models and opening multi -million dollar businesses selling nothing but our souls are possible by chanting and having a mantra. There is emptiness in books in the billion dollar range that sell themselves as answers disguised in fancy covers and gold threaded pages. They promote addictions to happiness and a life of ease, hanging on to pinterest quotes and the like. The shelves can become too big and overwhelming, attaining a level of happiness that simply does not exist except as created in books and movies about books. Fulfillment is not found in the vastness of the universe, it is found in Christ alone.

But not in the Christ of commercial book sales and quick fixes and the like. Not in the ten steps to this or that. The only steps we should be walking are explained by Christ himself in the gospel, and pre-Christ, This is the way, walk in it.

The answers are found in the smallness of life, in the moments, in the individuals and the particles. Christ was obedient on a daily basis to Mary and Joseph. Daily tasks in the hidden life. Did what God told him to do. He was a carpenter’s son. We do not get a large glimpse of this but know that Jesus was perfect and spotless and sinless and obeyed God’s laws which would have included obedience to the daily tasks that God had placed before Him, one day at a time.

I get overwhelmed at times that I am missing something, did not get the memo, was not picked for a one billion dollar global ministry, can’t hear God at times, hear God too loudly at times. That my life may be insignificant until I turn around and see that the little boy I represented so many years ago is now a man reaching out and asking me, Where do you get your peace from? I realize that my daughter’s eyes are blue and God made them and that when she asks about God 300 times a day it’s because I talk about Him 400. That when my son walked across the stage to move to the next level of Boy Scouts, he wasn’t just crossing a bridge, He was holding God’s hand crossing that bridge because God told me He was special and chosen and so I told Him that too. He also believes his ADHD is a gift from God of super intelligence.

The answers are not big, they are little. Purpose seems little but is big. It’s inconvenient for me to stop what I’m doing and explain to you who God is or what He said. Until I realize God is not inconvenient and the task I am performing can wait. The next person I tell about Jesus may live; live and tell someone about this great Jesus who saved his life. And that’s not so little. And then I remember why I represented and held on for dear life to that little boy who is now a man walking into my office fifteen years later with tears in his eyes asking me where my peace comes from.

This is not about the cliché small things. It is about the moments as tasks as obedience. It is about living an obedient life to Christ, the Master of the Universe, the one I bow down to. He has to own me because I am nothing without Him. He has to direct me because I don’t know where to go. And I’ll have time for you today because He’ll make it. Don’t just do your errands, go to work, feed your animals, shuffle your kids off to sleep. Be obedient to the task that he has given you. Those small moments are not small at all. They are the heart of the gospel.


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  1. Those everyday moments are the heart of the Gospel – the words we say, the way we look into someone’s eyes, the tone of voice we use to respond to people, or the times we walk past another human being without making any contact at all. It all matters because they matter to Him.

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