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It is hard for you to kick against the goad

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Words get stuck sometimes. Like when you are traveling full speed ahead, racing against God to get to the place that you just know you should be. What man would think that they could fight against God and win? I submit to you we all do.

There are many talks and sermons and books and the like that talk about surrendering to God’s will. They make surrender seem so natural. That all we have to do is lift up our hands to the sky and tell God “We give up!” If you’re laughing now, so am I. Because you are probably counting the number of times you placed that “thing” at the altar, only to sneak back in the dead of night when God wasn’t looking and take it back. We are, silly little humans.

We like to hear the word of God. It is a lovely, fancy feast that is spread out before us. We sit at the table and marvel at the number and varieties of foods that are there. They are beautiful in color and rich in smell. We look and we sit and we are present. But when God sits down at the table and tells us to eat, we politely excuse ourselves to get in our cars and into the drive thru line. 

As we walk, the road gets more difficult, and it is hard at times to hold on. The goad, the sharp point runs deep into us and pierces our flesh as we kick up against God; resisting, running, wrestling. We know what we have to do, but we don’t want to do it. We think it will hurt less if we go our own way, when in reality it hurts a lot more. It is the loving discipline of a gracious God.

I don’t know why we like to cause more pain in our lives. Why submitting to the all mighty creator is so difficult. We as humans are a stubborn breed. Although our hearts know that we must follow Christ and His call, our minds tell us otherwise. We like to have control over the things in our lives, especially those things that are not even in our control. It is our attempt to control God that drives the goad deeper into our flesh. It is only then that our pain becomes so unbearable that we our forced to submit to what we knew all along was what God wanted from us in the first place.

Surrender is not hands up. Surrender is not a moment. Surrender is a process. It is God allowing us to do what we are doing and slowly and divinely intervene. Our level of pain as the surrender process takes effect is of our own choosing. And as a loving Father, God wishes that the goad does not have to pierce our flesh.

Let the creator wrap you in His loving arms today. You may kick and scream like a child, but he’ll hold you and love you anyway. In their worst temper tantrums, in their rebellion, children just want the answer to be love. We say “hug me daddy, hold me daddy” and as we cry out like small children, He will. He will child.


8 thoughts on “It is hard for you to kick against the goad

  1. “racing against God to get to the place that you just know you should be”
    This reminds me of the years I spend river rafting. When I was first learning, it was always a battle paddling and navigating against the waves and the rapids. At the end of each day, my body, my arms and my mind were exhausted with the struggle.

    Once I learned to use my oars to sweep into the flow of the river, the entire journey was simply a matter of keeping myself aright, allowing the river to do the work. The burden became easy, my mind was peaceful, and I could actually enjoy the scenery along the way.

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