Holy Spirit · Prose

The Broken Tree

Crucifix, Cross, Wayside Cross, Carved, Wooden Cross

In humbleness God came to me

I was lost, I could not see

I looked upon that broken tree

And there He was, and I was free

I’ll never know why He chose me,

All I know is that I’m free

And in my heart it came to be

He came to live and rescue me

And now I shout that I can see!

Because I loved that broken tree,

Christ died and lived so I could see

The brokenness of my own tree

Dying proved to set me free

Carrying that broken tree

But not without His help you see

The burden did not rest with me

It rested on that broken tree

That He carried just for me

And as I died it came to be

There were others watching me

Letting go and setting free

My old life in slavery

The more I died the more they see

I rest on that broken tree

that Christ came to give to me

I had the lock, now have the key

So don’t turn back, it is He!

Who beckons you to set you free

And takes away your misery

Look up! It is the broken tree!




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