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Somebody else’s words

While this morning I wake up stifled, God gives me the word “today.” And that leads down winding roads, and that leads me to be in the moment. I am numb, afraid once again to be me, as I sit in a foreign land. Sometimes I can’t write words unless they are dancing around in the rhythm of my head, only translatable by Him.

Sometimes I don’t have the words, ever felt that way? You are a creative, your being writhes and pleads with the God of the universe to write, to create, to dance, but your body; it is limp and weary. You are not sad, but worn. Envious, jealous of the words, the dance, the masterpiece that free flows from some else’s lips. Your body is praying, but you are not. Wake me up God! Let me feel again…

The dance of the creative mind is hardly an art form. It is a struggle, it is a pain that goes beyond the words that exist. The birthing process is never easy. It is jabs in your side, it is walking with your hands on your back, it is screaming into the universe. But then, just then, God gives you just one word, “today,” and you find that that word, the one He gives you, lends itself to what someone else said. And though your own words are stifled, He leads you to someone else’s words that will free you, and your mind, it can rest.

Thank you Lord for the hallelujah of someone else’s words. Thank you Father that when I don’t have the words, you have created someone else to make those words for me. Thank you God that your holiness allows me to throw away my jealousy and envy and prompts me instead to embrace the beauty and gift that you have given others, I recognize you here.

And so today, He has given me Someone else’s words


7 thoughts on “Somebody else’s words

    1. I was so moved beyond my own words this morning. This piece that Sierra wrote sparked something so deep with me. Hoping people will share her amazing work!

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