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Desiring a Spirit of Sacrifice- Why our life is not our own

Church, Window, Church Window, Stained Glass, ColorTransition is hard, and sometimes we seem to always be in it. We are in a constant state of flux- going from one to the other, trying our very hardest to follow God’s will. We pray for big things and when God answers, we sometimes don’t know what to do with ourselves, how to thank Him or even more so how to become holy in the gift He has given us.

It is hard to stop thinking about ourselves. To give up what we cherish the most- our favorite time to read, exercising, our treasured time alone, even our jobs, in sacrifice to God. These burnt offerings are sacred to us, and so many times we withhold them. It is hard to contend with the world’s opposing messages that advocate a “me” mindset. And even though we may think we have not ingested those messages, even something that seems minute can turn out to be a selfish endeavor in one’s own pride.

I myself am in transition. I have sacrificed my career on the altar and am working in a “will call” position. I am between here and there- Not yet done with my career and not yet a full-time mom. I wondered why God would put me in that position until now. He had to refine me before I got to the promised land. 

And I imagine the same may be true for you. Maybe you are between here and there. Maybe you are contemplating leaving your job, your ministry any place or thing that you feel God is moving you away from. We hold onto these things not only because of our own comfort, but because of our unwillingness to sacrifice. It is against our human nature, and a hard lesson in refinement. It is hard to step into the unknown.

But it is time. It is time to sacrifice those things that take precedent over God’s calling in our lives. It is time to give up those things that have become selfish for us. We must gather them, kiss them and leave them as sacrifice to the Lord we love. ALL OF IT. And walk away knowing God will honor that.

I have not been sacrificing. I have held onto the things I loved the most- my writing time, my exercise, my job. I have refused to give it up for my children, and I readily admit that I have been selfish. I know God forgives me, but it is sometimes harder for me to forgive myself. That’s why I am continually grateful to God who loves me despite who I am, and the sacrament of reconciliation that I know is waiting for me. And I am continually grateful for all of you who have taught me on my journey.

Today, let’s sit at the altar of God with those things that are in our way. Let’s lay them down and give them to God. Let’s walk away knowing that our spirit of sacrifice has freed us from the sinful chains that enslave us. And let us remember Jesus, the sacrificial lamb who gave everything for us.


13 thoughts on “Desiring a Spirit of Sacrifice- Why our life is not our own

  1. transition is probably the main theme as to why I started my blog and is the most used category—as you say, we basically live in a state of transition—and as believers the ultimate transition is with our life in this world, as we work, live and grow… preparing for the transitioning to the next….
    So transition is just another form of learning. growing and eventually letting go…

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