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Why I’m sad,The cry of Elijah and The return of the people to God

It is not often in my walk with Jesus that I become disillusioned with the way things are. I have learned to cope, to speak my mind on the issues that matter and to accept the fact that I will no longer ever be part of the popular crowd. Following Jesus is freedom, but we are slaves to Him, and for good reason. He gave His life up for us, and as much as some people think that is a fantasy or a bit of a cliché statement, it is the truth.

Jesus’s life, death and resurrection is by no means cliché. But when I heard those words, it sent me into a tailspin. This person did not know the effect of what they were saying, nor did they intend to harm me in any way. Walking into a room and hearing, “It is a sad day for our country” through me for quite the loop. That of course followed by the comment, “loving a dead man who rose from the dead to save us all is so cliché.”

And that showed me where we were, where I was, and the abandoning of God. That showed me that parents are teaching their children religion out of obligation. That showed me that it is even acceptable for a Christian to mock Jesus.

And this deepened my sadness. For what God endured and still endures daily. For the tears He sheds from that very cross. For His eyes gazing upon a country so embittered in social turmoil that their eyes are turned towards each other rather than Jesus. It reminds me that spiritual warfare is real, that the walk that I have chosen is not easy and that the narrow road seems to be getting narrower by the day.

Cliche is Christmas pajamas and overdone social media posts. Cliche is a “I’m with Her” and “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Cliche is not the God of the universe who lived His life to die for love of us, for the hope that He would be recognized as Messiah and King.

And I talked to my children about that. About how Jesus is so much more than what they are learning. About who He was and why He did what He did. About how He changed my life forever, and has given us everything that we need. About how they need to stay close to Him daily, never leave Him and they will not just be walking through life, but living life, in its fullness, with a God who chose to love them so much He would die for them. The only thing cliché about that is the person who doesn’t understand it’s truth.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m sad,The cry of Elijah and The return of the people to God

  1. Our culture majors in the minors and loves the shallow end of the pool. The deep end of the ocean is generally something we fear because we are taught to fear it, but each one of us longs for that place as well. I am saddened by what is going on in our culture as well, but I have hope because I also here a rising tide of voices calling out “Further in and deeper back!”

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