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It’s ok to ask God for Happiness

I’m learning a lot these days. As God has transformed the one thing I lived for and worshiped, I see His far-reaching power. It took me awhile to grasp the concept that it was me that was stopping God from changing my life, but I see it now. I understand we see what we want to see, cover ourselves in the uncertainty of the world and just completely shut down the possibilities of the supernatural.

During this time of transition in my life, I have come to learn that it’s ok to be happy. That this desire is innate in all of us, and can be fulfilled to overflow through Christ. It seems a funny thing to ask for, and maybe even silly or selfish. But we have to ask ourselves, what are we truly chasing anyway?

Yes love is good, but it is fleeting. Spouses will disappoint us, they are not Jesus. We love them but cannot depend on them to make us happy. This rings true for friends and family as well. We put these unrealistic expectations on people to make us happy. Or things we love. Then we fall victim to the person that disappoints us, the shiny car that’s not so shiny after a couple of months, that weight we lost and we’re looking great but realize it takes a mountain to maintain that body, and the newness of our body has worn off. We experience as humans this fleeting happiness, it ebbs and flows and always disappoints. It is inconsistent, inconceivable and intolerable. Yet we keep coming back for more.

So I was miserable and tired and asking questions. Again God? I have to deal with this again? I’d be going along my Jesus’ lovin way when SMACK, that problem hit me in my face again, and the song in my heart disappeared. I’ve asked Jesus for a lot, but I had never asked Him for happiness.

I read the catechism which inspired me. It said that happiness was ok, it was what we desire, what we were made for. But this happiness only exists in Christ. It was the first time I believed that it was ok to want to be happy, and that it was truly possible.

So I prayed and I asked. The world did not change, but I did. I saw my kids differently, became more appreciative and realized, nothing had changed, except me. I was involved in the mass and I felt Jesus. I was o.k. with my hectic schedule. I was o.k. with it all. And I was smiling for no reason, except for Him.

I want to encourage you in your faith walk this morning to ask more of Him. Not in the things that you can see, but in those that you can’t. The desires of our hearts are not things, so why ask for that? He is so much more than that…

Go ahead, do it. Ask for happiness. Believe He can. Believe He will.


6 thoughts on “It’s ok to ask God for Happiness

  1. I became a believer six years ago, and it was a new start in so many ways! The lifting of my burden…feelings of guilt over my vast failures which opened the door to great harm affecting important others, allowed me the calcite to love and be happy. This was an odd feeling to me at the time, but I have become used to the idea that God does not want me to wallow, but to open up and be available to others. I’m still not perfect at doing happy, but I’m so much better! Great post!


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