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You can even ask for something Miraculous

These words roused me this morning. I can do what? I was half asleep and in between sips of coffee when I read them. I had gone out of my devotional and into another translation when I saw the words.

Ask for a confirming sign from the Lord your God. You can even ask for something miraculous.

It didn’t take me long to realize the words were connecting with me, and took me even a shorter amount of time to realize that they would connect with others. Sometimes I feel like God is sitting up in heaven rolling His eyes at me like really Melissa? This again? So I keep my requests to a minimum, not realizing that it may have been hindering my faith.

Now God is not Santa. We do not send in tangible requests for Hatchimals or a big new house. He is not a wish grantor on a cloud, He is the master of the universe. But wait, in some instances, it may even be ok to ask God for a Hatchimal or a big new house. I was seeing things differently today.

If God is the reader of my heart, why be afraid to ask for what I need? To cure my fear of elevators… can He really do that? What a silly request. But it says I can ask for something miraculous!

But what about even bigger than that? For peace in Syria, for peace within myself, for my friend’s addiction to be eradicated. Could He even do that? The Santa image came teaming back into my head. No, no why would I ask the God of the universe for all of that, isn’t he busy?

But I like Ahaz used the excuse to cover up a lack of faith. That people can’t change, that he couldn’t take away my terrible fear of elevators or bring peace to Syria. But how could I think that? I closed my eyes and thought back to all the things that He has done for me, all the ways He has changed me. How could I ever think that this God could not do more than what I could ever envision in my mind?

No He’s not a genie or Santa Claus, but He’s God with us. He’s WITH us. He wants us to succeed, to be the one who dares to ask for the impossible. To be the one that asks for the confirming sign so that person who doesn’t believe is awakened. We stopped believing in Santa when we were just kids, but if we could go back and remember how much we believed in that, how much more can we believe in the power of God?

Sit and think that He can do anything. Apply that to your own life. Because if you don’t believe and change, then who else will? If we don’t believe in the miracle of the baby from a virgin, what right  do we have to call ourselves Christians?

** Scripture is from the NET Translation Isaiah 7:11 (and read beyond for the response)




4 thoughts on “You can even ask for something Miraculous

    1. Yes exactly! What a powerful verse! So glad it spoke to you like it did to me! Blessings my friend, we serve an amazing God!


  1. YES GIRL YES!!!!!!! Thats How I Believe and why the Hell not???? We have nothing to loose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!! I call it “CRAZY FAITH” 🙂 KEEP PUTTIN OUT YOUR TURTH!!! IT IS FILLED WITH TRUTH & HOPE!!

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