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Be Inspired

We need that spark, that energy, that belief that there is something more just waiting for us. Hope is real, not just a word or in a song, but living in our hearts, ready to want and to stretch and to reach for something more. We have buried it in many ways- drug addiction, depression, anorexia, or by letting us allow the world to tell us that hope is dead. We feed ourselves lies because we fail to separate ourselves from the world’s materialistic and nonsensical message that our lives are just fading shadows and that living in the “now” should be enough. Yes, while it is true that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring for us, God has so much more for us. For those that believe, and those that are looking for something to hold onto, God has promises beyond our dreams. He is the only one that can inspire, and deliver miracles.

We shouldn’t accept God because we were told we had to walk down an altar and say His name, or because our parents are Catholic, or because we are told we will go to hell if we don’t. In fact, we don’t have to accept God at all. Our free-flowing will allows us to be free in movement and thinking and in our day-to-day decision-making. There is no forceful push of the universe that commands us to accept God, and the consequences for us that do are often heartache and backlash.

But deep down inside all of us is a light. A light that God placed there long ago. It was birthed at conception, buried deep down within our souls. Like a candle, it flickers at times, moves side to side, sometimes dancing, sometimes waning. But it is there, waiting, wanting to set a fire within our souls.

God’s inspiration, His very breath is blown into our very core, the center of our being. He fills us with ideas and dreams that can become crushed when the soul refuses to be reconciled with Him. Yes, we are wanderers here on earth looking for a home inside ourselves. Without Him, our habitations can become uncomfortable, our skin numb, our hearts a beat away from spiritually dying. He wants more for us than that, He created us for so much more.

In His birth is the reborn hope, the miracle, the thing that could and should change it ALL for us. The ludicrous story that a teenage girl was picked by God to bear a child, HIS child. The crazy belief that the Spirit of God himself caused the birth of a divine creation. But yes, yes it can be the same for us. Oh my brothers and sisters of the human family , Do Not Lose Heart!

What a loved and divine creation you are, inspired by God’s breath and willed by Him. His love for you never ceases, you are never alone. Don’t lose that dream you had, that hope you had, that thing that you have placed in the very back of your mind. It is there because God willed it, it is there because God placed it there.

Don’t think for even a minute that it is ridiculous. The divine is ridiculous. Belief in something you cannot see is ridiculous. But it is palpable, and tangible, and there. And you can swear that He doesn’t exist, and He’ll love you anyway.

That thing you’ve been waiting for, that birth, that idea, that person to which reconciliation needs to happen, you’re right there. Like the impossible idea that God caused the birth of a divine human, so you too can go forward in the same impossible idea, the birth of that “thing” God placed in you.

Christmas means Christ “the sent.” When the question poses itself, Why me God? God answers, Why not? (Thank you Deacon Joe)

Be bold this Christmas. Look away from the tree and the lights. Walk far beyond the road, away from the commercial trappings of the holiday. Ride your bike past the road and remember your dreams.

That is the meaning of “with God, anything is possible.”

Birth something impossible this Christmas.

Love to you all-



8 thoughts on “Be Inspired

    1. Yes I know!!! So amazing to be able to experience that. They say its inly happened like that four times in over a hundred years!!! Merry Christmas Kathy!!! Love you!

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