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Shameless plug for Girl Scout Cookies

On another note… here is my shameless plug for my girls. It’s girl scout cookie season and my girls have a very specific goal- sell as many military boxes as possible. The girls will earn a special patch if they each sell 12 boxes. These boxes have no shipping attached, you can simply order online and girl scouts will ship them. Or of course you are welcome to order cookies for yourself 🙂

How can you resist these faces?

My little scouts placing flags on the graves of soldiers on Veteran’s Day


Here are the links:

Avery’s Page

Meadow’s page

Thanks all and God Bless!

Love, Avery, Meadow and me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shameless plug for Girl Scout Cookies

    1. LOL I am so excited to honor our military. I could care less about the regular cookie sales but really want to teach our troop about the importance of our service men and women!


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