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Jesus is not a Happy Meal

He grabbed Jesus. Than she did. Then the next one, and the next one. In between people who held him gently, the rest grabbed. Some said amen, some said nothing at all. I was horrified and amazed all at the same time.

I don’t feel qualified to serve the Lord’s body. I still shake, and my heart pounds at the thought of dropping him. I don’t feel I deserve to be on his stage, and I don’t think I’m better than any other person who walks into the church. I sometimes get distracted, mornings are too early, I am tired from the night before. But today the thought of Jesus being grabbed haunted me…

There are many people who I serve in my line. It’s not my job to decide who gets the Lord’s bread and who doesn’t. Some come with faces of desperation, others lonely wanderers, still others who have been in the same habit and routine day after day, year after year. It is sad really, to see the faces of so many who suffer from the same cruel world I do. But to take Jesus as a grab- and -go- fast- food- happy -meal option disturbed me in into a profound uneasiness.

My sponsor from RCIA who is also a Eucharistic Minister reminded me that when you serve the Lord’s body go slow, place it gently into the palm of their  hand, even if they rush you or are inpatient, you still behold the body of the Lord. And I’ve done it every Sunday- gently placing the Lord’s body into their hand, sometimes giving them a smile, sometimes just looking into their eyes and trying to give them a small signal of the love that Jesus has for them, especially and substantially in the Eucharist. So grab -and -go Jesus reminds me thar our culture is a hurry up, unsavory and fast paced dichotomy of the human condition, Give me Jesus now!

I sat down after serving and during the 1 minute or so I was afforded to pray before the Priest stood up to conclude the mass, I thought to myself, Do I treat Jesus this way too in my daily life? Is it hurry up Jesus, do it Jesus, I can’t wait Jesus? Do I shove him in my mouth and say work already dammit and move on…

It was a wake up call for me. To savor Him, to wait, to behold the face of the one that has taken me out of my wretchedness. I am no less guilty than the woman who treated the host like a McDonald’s hamburger…

It is Sunday, so pause today and ponder the question, how are you consuming Jesus? You may find that your answer to that question may give you pause…



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