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A libation, a liberation

I have seen marriages restored

I have seen death turn to life

I have seen people risen from the dead

I have seen miracles and signs and wonders

I have seen hearts changed

I have seen lives changed

I have seen the glory of God

I have seen His hand in everything

I have seen my mourning turn into joy

I have seen Him bless me beyond measure

I have seen Him let people go so others can be let in

I have seen the sick healed, and the lame walk

I have seen addicts get clean

I have seen and experienced Him to restore the years the locusts had eaten

I have believed I would die only to experience being reborn

I am nothing without Him…

These are things that I have seen

Lord heavenly Father, I am not worthy of you, but you love me anyway

Despite my faults and flaws

And all of my sin and doubt

Despite who I am, for you tell me whose I am

May my words lead others into your heavenly arms, Amen




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