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Expand your search

I have been looking for houses for months now. Ours sold and is off to close and we have found nothing thus far. It is no great coincidence that the Holy Spirit led me to sell this house, the one I love, during Lent. It has added to my desert experience and desperation for God in ways that are immeasurable. Theology has not taken me to the place I am, God has. (Paul). And although I continue to read my bible daily and pray my rosary every morning, these are not the only outlets God uses to speak to me. Sometimes, like this morning, it is through a quiet house and a cup of coffee.

Throughout this process I was set on moving to a different city, felt led there in fact. But as the weeks progressed and Lent continues, I started hearing God in a different way. Taking me to places just for me to turn around and say God, these places I’ve been are amazing, but now I see that I am so grateful for what I have. It may not be perfect, but you gave it to me, you led me here and so I love it as I love you.

Trying to explain to your realtor or anyone else for that matter that your search for a new home is being led by God may put you on the crazy train. But I know that my redeemer lives and He is leading me. With every house I have seen dead bones, places that need revival. They have reminded me that although I will not end up the owner of this house or that one, the person who does will need to revive it and make it their own.

I had closed my search off to two areas. In looking, I realized how limited I was in my selection. Each one has come up so disappointing, and inside I wonder if I will ever find that forever home, or the “temporary” forever home God has chosen for me and my family here on this earth.

The search started to seem closed off and I couldn’t help but lose some faith that we would never find anywhere to lay down our roots. Like a gypsy, I have moved so many times, and my heart is panting for a place that I can rest my head. Then, my husband showed me a place in another zip code. I wouldn’t even consider it because it was not the same elementary school but one school over. He was perplexed that I was considering some places and not others because of the restrictions I had placed on my search. I considered what he said which meant nothing to me… until this morning.

As I sat down in a quiet space to talk to God, it was only about a minute into the conversation that I could hear Him say, Expand your search. I knew in that moment that my house hunt was not just about finding a house, but about finding Him, in the places where I may least expect Him.

And I have had a lot of those AHA moments during Lent, not reading the bible, not praying the rosary, but in the couple of minutes I have actually sat down to talk to Him. Not in the car driving, not while doing something else. Just Him and me and no one and nothing else. Five minutes in, and I am smitten.

He challenged me to expand my mind, to think bigger, to search in places I would have never considered. These are the great adventures of Christianity, not the promise of countless books that God wants you to be happy and have a big house, but that God wants you to follow Him wherever that may lead, to places you may not have thought of or even recognize. It is in those places, without our expectations, that we find Him.

My challenge for you today? Expand your search…


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