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We Dine Together- Why Kindness is Making a Comeback

A good friend of mine once told me that even if Jesus wasn’t real, she didn’t care. That she would still live like He was even if He was not. Three years ago, that completely transformed me. A self-made, Middle Eastern hippy who dined with the world’s outcasts- that was my kind of man.

I stopped worrying about what people thought of me for the most part. Friends that had left me because I refused to continue being their doormat or because I had become a Christian. I had always tried to fit in even though I was always “in.” But I longed to be next to the dregs of society so I didn’t have to hear one more self-involved soliloquy or sit through one more day of wondering if this was the last day that they might let me sit at the table.

And that’s why this article struck me- Eating alone at school: How four students began mission to end isolation. It’s a must read- for those that weren’t invited to the lunch table, and those that were.

It seems kindness may have made a comeback.

The story was completely unbelievable to me. It was international news that some kids in the swanky area of Boca Raton, FL had decided to start a club that fostered relationships around breaking bread. Call it what you want, they may or may have not read about the Last Supper, but the spirit of Christ was alive and well in that article. It’s also Jesus’s motto, “We Dine Together.” And those of us who know how Christianity is supposed to be lived out know what Paul has been writing about recently, it all comes down to love.

In my reading these last couple of weeks, I have seen through the scriptures by going beyond the words. I am meditating on the message. How can I learn from someone else who walked with the one I love? It started with Peter, than Thomas and today Nicodemus. Another person who stole away from the mainstream to ask questions to the one who has answers.

It intrigued me that Nicodemus met Jesus at night. Night tells me he didn’t want to be seen. What would his friends think if he had come to the crazy Jew who called himself God? He surely would have to leave the mainstream for a life lived as an outcast.

And isn’t that what so many of us do? Seek truth in the darkness, afraid to ask or expose our lives for fear of rejection. Pulling up a chair in the daylight with a bunch of strangers is far to dangerous, but in the darkness of the internet we can be who we are.

We want to be different, set apart. So the world tells us that desk jobs are now not the “in” thing. Why yes you need your own internet page to tell everyone how wonderful you are, how many friends you have, how much everyone loves you and buy whatever crap you may be selling. But in the darkness of all that, aren’t we all still like Nicodemus, seeking answers from the unlikeliest of people, envious of what we don’t have, kidding ourselves when we tell ourselves that we don’t need God in our lives.

God’s name may be different across the globe, but today it’s “We Dine Together.”




6 thoughts on “We Dine Together- Why Kindness is Making a Comeback

  1. Denis,

    You have no idea how grateful I am for what you all have done. You are the embodiment of the living God. I worked with teenagers for years in both the foster care system and the criminal justice system and kindness amongst people never seemed to enter the picture towards any of these children. I’d love to do an interview with you for my blog and I have also reached out to my editor to see if we can run an article on you guys. What’s the best contact info for you?

    You have no idea, you have made my day beyond words! You are amazing-



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