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Embrace the cubicle: Why 9 to 5 should be the new black

We live in a time of do-it-yourselfers, instagram stars and podcasting from our bathrooms. The phenomenon of self-rising stars started with Kim Kardashian who is famous for doing absolutely nothing. We worship her the way we worship our social media accounts, our money and the things we don’t have but want.  And all of womanhood has followed suit in her shoes by moving from the concept of work-life balance to saying “F you” to the traditional 9-5 job. Because if you’re still working 9-5 you surely have not succumbed to the new age feminism. I have even heard it referred to as “stuck in a cubicle syndrome.”

I bought into this lie some time ago hook, line and sinker. I thought that maybe to be somebody you had to have pieces published in the Huffington Post, or Forbes or get retweeted 75,000 times. The truth of the matter was I didn’t even have a twitter account and I thought the Huffington Post was a hangout for the lost bastion of writers who facebooked their worthiness by letting us know that “Arianna Huffington herself contacted me and thinks I’m wonderful.” And don’t get me started on the legions of mothers who either claim to have superpowers, glorify divorce or tell me the “ten best reasons why I should read their post on how to effectively parent.”

The thing is I have a Catholic perspective. Not in the sense of the church, but in the sense of the worthiness and beauty of life. The church’s position on the belief that we exist from conception to natural death has shaped my being and my way of living. It takes me out of the mainstream even among Christians and places me in solitary confinement far away from the general population.

I have described many times in various posts my year “bender” or what I have described in pc terms as “God placing me right back where I was.” This has defied logic for some who can’t understand why I’ve returned to my 9-5 career after having three children.

I may not have a cubicle but I have an office and regular business hours. I have to answer to someone and work in a paramilitary organization. I take my break when I am allowed and decided to put my kids back in aftercare. If the feminist movement came after women like me who used to dream of being home with our kids instead of working, they will surely come after us now for not breaking through the corporate veil and beginning our own start-up which entails writing books that nobody will ever read and building our own internet site where we talk about ourselves and our “FML” mentality.

When God allowed me to begin writing again after twenty years, it was a spiritual experience filled with all things Jesus. I was new in my faith and reliant on being spoon- fed by a God who loved me beyond my reasoning. I hadn’t yet learned to infuse my Christian life with my secular one, and was still working out the details on just being me.

It has been sometime since that very first post. I have evolved and moved backwards, sometimes catapulted forwards. I sometimes became legalistic in the chains that I had created for myself, and other times could not figure out that becoming a saint did not require me to stop listening to the Dave Matthews Band.

And I’m realizing even now as I infuse my church and my world that it is one in the same. I realize that I don’t have to be anything other than God created me to be, and that it is ok to wince at our culture of death. You don’t have to be on either side of the abortion debate or a Catholic to know that human beings have worth and meaning, and that life is sacred.

So I’m ok in my 9-5 job and I hope you are too. If you’re there, God wants you to be there. And if you feel like maybe your Instagram career is not taking off, maybe it’s time to embrace the cubicle again.


12 thoughts on “Embrace the cubicle: Why 9 to 5 should be the new black

  1. ‘Embrace the cubicle.’

    Ha. Good one M.

    While I do not have one, nor facebook, instagram, pods, etc, I appreciate the sentiment, as there are so many other things that creep into the idea of theft of our worth, wherever we are, and whatever we do.

    It’s WHO we are that brings dignity to our work yes? Sure, we would all like to be Hemingways so to speak, but I’m guessing he would have jealous of others who both wrote and worked the cubicle! 😉

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    1. Yes! It is that embracing of self in the way God made us, the call on our lives both individually and as Christians to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to not run away like Jonah for the task at hand. Our culture rides the wave while we hold onto our anchor.
      God bless!-

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  2. Embracing the cubicle is OK. You’re not hurting your children by working outside of the home. You’re really helping yourself to be a better mom by doing this. Your work will also bring tons of stories to write when you have the time. Right now your brain is storing it up for future reference. The time you spend with your children is going to be so much more precious to you and to them. Please don’t start an Instagram career. You’re much better than that. LOL

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  3. Yeah, and people thought the Lord Jesus Christ had a devil………
    others thought Paul was a madman…………still others thought Peter and John were unlearned and ignorant…..

    People with poor opinions and careless information are a dime a dozen. Take the insult as a veiled compliment M. 😉

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      1. Lol. I’m on the other side now but you still know who to call. My husband is still on that side. It makes for great conversation. The police attorney and the defense attorney lol

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  4. As an old guy who’s children have grown-up families of their own. I don’t feel qualified to comment since I am from another era. However, being unable to keep my mouth shut I would like to offer this. God knows Melissa like no other, praying for His guidance, knowing He will respond, then leaving it with Him, this will bring results that only an act of faith can achieve.

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