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Today being a woman (especially a mom) requires great courage.  Generations from the sixties and on have been hammered with thoughts that they must be strong role models for their children, work hard in the workplace and at home, bring home the bacon, set the rules of discipline, serve as a chauffeur, fight off bullies, attend all extra curricular activities, decide where to live, how to pay for it and how to make it a home.

Things used to be so much easier for women, when they were in partnership with their husbands.  Believe me, it wasn’t like the proverbial “Leave it to Beaver” life for most stay at home moms.  We worked hard at balancing the budget, making clothes for our kids to save money, stretching a dollar to the nth degree.  We spent time teaching them the alphabet, how to read, how to listen, how to share and how to…

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