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The Visitation

Dear You,

I prayed the rosary for you today. In the stillness of my chair besides the calm waters, I remembered our friendship, the Lord’s connection to the both of us and my love for who you are. Today was the joyful mysteries. How can I be joyful while you are in rehab? Then I remembered Mary speaking to me last night, I can bring you joy. She kept repeating it like a soul mantra. I can bring you joy. I woke up with a great sense of joy and the gift to ask God to bring me joy, His joy. The Blessed Mother has always had a way of coming to me in hours that are especially painful. You see, I cannot judge you because I could have been you. Why the demon swallowed you and not me I will never know. But I have accepted it. You are sick and I am well, and it is my duty to pray for your soul. 

I found you in the second joyful mystery. It was Mary’s gift to me, her whispers from last night. The visitation of Mary in visiting her cousin Elizabeth. Mary pregnant with Jesus and Elizabeth with John the Baptist. The picture showed them embracing one another with swollen bellies. I remembered you and I each pregnant at the same time with our own children. We were together so often during that time, speaking of our life’s plans and anxiousness to meet our children. You taught me how to nurse when I had pretty much given up. You are the reason that my children received mother’s milk. You made it sound so easy. You my friend were always a natural mother.

So when I asked God what His will for me was today, it wasn’t my rosary meeting, but instead was the visitation to you. I quietly prayed the remainder of my rosary for you remembering the visitation between Mary and Elizabeth and eager to make you a care package. I grabbed a bible, prayer books and a rosary. I wrote you a short note and gathered the kids together to tell them that you were sick and needed a card from them. They drew rainbows and God. Their love for you is so uncomplicated. I realized I needed to love you like that too. Your demon is mine my sister, and I will never leave you.

As I meditate upon our God-given friendship, our children and the gift of Jesus in our lives, I remember you clean, accepting Christ, sharing our Jewish faith, your beautiful face. I am eager to visit you, even if it is just to drop off Jesus to you. May the God of all mercy be with you, for He is present to those that writhe in the darkness.




7 thoughts on “The Visitation

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    To all those that are fighting addiction, know that I am praying for you on my knees. I bind the evil of addiction in the name of Jesus Christ. Know that you are not your addiction.

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  2. Melissa – Edward T. Welch has a book you might find helpful. “Addictions A Banquet in the Grave…Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel” He also has some a work book for people struggling with addictions and those trying to help them. I find his writing very straightforward but gentle in tone. I have had family and friends struggle with various addictions and it is heartbreaking. Remember, God is bigger.

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  3. Melissa,

    You mentioned that your children created get well cards with rainbows and God and this brought to mind an ongoing effort of mine in the vineyard—to get people to see the many, many images in stained glass, tapestry, fresco, paint, mosaic of Jesus Christ and the rainbow and all that it signifies relative to God’s covenant, specifically in Genesis and the Book of Revelation.

    Here is a master file that captures a good portion of my early search.

    Here is my main blog. Not many people understand my perspective. I wonder if you get it.

    Great interview on the Journey Home. I grew up with two Jewish boy neighbors in NJ. Fond memories!


    1. I am so sorry, this got caught up in the spam filter for some reason, thanks so much for watching the show! Headed to the sites now!


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