Hurricane Irma · South Florida

Pray for Us- Hurricane Irma

Please everyone pray for us here in Florida. I am in South Florida where they are expecting the worst. I am not sure what kind of communication capability I will have after the hurricane. Looks like after the latest round of briefings, things are pretty bad. The City that I work for is shutting down today at 4:30 for all non-essential employees. Love to you all-




35 thoughts on “Pray for Us- Hurricane Irma

  1. Melissa,

    I am praying for you and asking you again to please get out of there. My Dad always used to say, “When you think you are too big for your britches go and battle mother nature.” We have a very slim chance against it especially 185 mile an hour wind. Unless your home is built like a dome the winds are not going to go around it.

    I know God helps us all, but there were many Christians here in Texas that lost their lives, homes, and family. One family lost their infant who was swept out of their arms and they found it downstream. There was a family in I think it was Rapid City, years back. They had six children 3 girls and 3 boys. All three boys were swept away from them in the flooding, and lost their lives. They watched their youngest child being ripped away from them and just carried off.

    It is not that I do not trust God, but I also feel like He gave us the reason to know when to get out of the path of a storm. I am just worried about you and your family. If something happened to any of you it would break my heart. If you are going to stay, then please when you get some form of communication let us know how you are doing. I will be checking your blog daily. I love you and my prayers will not cease until this is over. Love and God Bless, SR

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    1. Thank you my dear sister. I wish we could get out of here but there is nowhere to go. Highways are jammed and states like Georgia and Tennessee are feeling the pressure. Please pray for me and my family as we weather the storm. I will post an update as soon as I am able. I am in the Lord’s hands… M

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      1. Melissa,

        I have not stopped praying for you since I heard that thing was on it’s way. You know I am not going to stop! I want you do something. I read a book from a visiting Priest called, Jesus our Yearning. JOY. You remember when we were talking about prayer and I told you to “Breathe God in.” Okay, in this book Father Winkle said, “Breathe the name Jesus in, and breathe out and with your voice say what you are needing.” He also said, “Jesus will do exactly what He said.”

        Example: Say, “Jesus” in, “healer” out.” When the effects of Harvey hit here, (well before) I begin to say, “Jesus” and out with the breath I would say, “Peace be still.” I also called for my guardian angel to protect and guard all in our community. Now we got wind and we got tons of rain. I live in a small community (about 200 people) and from what I saw and heard, one person lost a tree. It did not fall on their house.

        You are right, you are in God’s Hands, I just wish it was someplace else!

        Some of our surrounding areas like 10 miles away had complete flood outs and have been declared a disaster area by the governor. Did I ever thank God, you had better believe it, not that I was happy that it happened to those around me.

        Be strong dear sister. As strong as I have always known you to be. I have been through three of these in my life, in one way or the other, and that is three too many.

        With Harvey I will say, I did become afraid when it moved in. I was also very relieved when it moved out. The only reason it did, was because God sent a dry air mass in our area and it moved it towards Houston much earlier then was expected. The rain stopped about three days before it was supposed to. So pray for that dry air mass.

        I love you Melissa. Just keep that in your heart. God Bless, SR


  2. Praying protection for you and all those around you in Florida. I’ve been watching the situation closely, especially with so many still in clean-up efforts post-Harvey. Do what you can to stay safe and may the Lord watch over you.

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      1. Yes. It is supposed to hit us Saturday into Sunday. Not sure where we will be yet, so pray that God gives me wisdom on this decision, thank you 🙂

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      2. I will do so. I have family in the path as well. Just know that God will use even this to his glory and he will be with you and those you love.

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