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20160724_140348God is in your typewriter was born out of my search for where I belonged. I had blogged previously both in the secular context before my conversion and on faith based platforms afterwards. This time I knew it had to be on my own terms. Honest, straightforward and sometimes painful. Sharing my journey without hiding who I was anymore.

For those of you who have followed my journey thoughout the years, you have seen my evolution from the very secular, pre-conversion, sarcastic and lost (maryfpoppins, yes you know what the f stands for) to finding Christ as a Jewish girl (workforthecausenottheapplause) to my newly found Catholic faith (theressomethingaboutmary) to now. I decided in 2013 after becoming a Christian to believe God, and all of His promises.

The title of my blog is taken from  a story relayed by Pulitzer Prize winning and American- born poet Anne Sexton, whose struggles with madness and making her way towards God tragically intertwined.

“Her eighth collection of poetry is entitled The Awful Rowing Toward God. The title came from her meeting with a Roman Catholic priest who, although unwilling to administer last rites told her “God is in your typewriter.”  (See the Wikipedia article on her life here.) This gave the poet the desire and willpower to continue living and writing.  It is said that the priest’s words allowed her to live at least a  year beyond her time and was the basis for The Awful Rowing Toward God. It was the search for the God in her typewriter that kept her going. (See Anne Sexton, Telling the Tale by Steven E. Colburn).

I encourage you too to search for God in the places where He has called you, in the typewriters that exist in our lives. These devices do not work unless we push down on the keys.


I’d love to hear from you!

You can contact me anytime at melissazpresser@gmail.con


All blog entries on this site are copyright protected and are original works of the author. If you enjoy any posts that appear on this blog and would like to use or distribute them, please email me at the email address provided above.



30 thoughts on “About God

  1. Sister Mary, I put your site address on my Blogs Followed page. I follow a lot and try to get back to everyone of them though sometimes it takes a while. But I also use my list to pray for the ministries that I follow for I believe very strongly in intercessory prayer as an act of love. God bless you Sis as you continue in your ministry/service to the Lord and to all of us who read your posts, not just here but on CSF also!!

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    1. Hello, I am Joe, a devout Catholic . I am a blogger, love my family & friends. I also love the Tridentine Rite. I invite you to check out my blog by clicking on my name. I found out about your blog through my friend Tino.

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  2. Hi Mary

    Happy new year! I just want to thank you following my blog and to state your blog is fine itself. I’ve enjoyed the last post regarding glorifying God in our giftings or lack there of. As a fellow artist, I wanted to share with you on an upcoming art project that God led me to do? How may I contact you? Just expect it in your inbox by February 1. Thank you very much and continue to glorify God in your writing.

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    1. God bless you and thanks! I had another blog on here for awhile which was wonderful, but God led me in a different direction. Very grateful for my awesome blogging family here on WordPress!

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      1. Oh ok. Well that’s good!!! Yes I must catch up on your posts! Julie sent me over to your blog from cookiecrumblestoliveby

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